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Faucet & Tap Water Filter, pH PURIFY

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AN AFFORDABLE EASY-TO-INSTALL FAUCET FILTER PROVIDING YOUR LOVED ONE'S WITH ENDLESS CLEAN HEALTHY WATER Most faucet filters are tricky to install, with many requiring you to cut holes in your counter. pH PURIFY is easy to install, and does not require you to cut holes in your counter. pH PURIFY offers Multi-Stage filtration, removing chemicals, heavy metals, and pollutants from your family's water source. pH PURIFY also increases -ORP, adds beneficial minerals, while ionizing and oxygenating, to ensure your water is soft, and free from nasty smells and tastes. Not only is pH PURIFY great value - the PH006 filter inside pH PURIFY is good for up to 6 months, and replacement filters are amazing value at under $14

Faucet Water Filter Purifier, pH REGENERATE

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SUPER-POWERFUL FILTER FOR YOUR KITCHEN AND BATHROOM, GORGEOUS DESIGN, EASY INSTALLATION Most faucet filters that don't require you to cut holes in your counter, offer limited filtration abilities. Our pH REGENERATE faucet filter delivers super-high filtration, due to the two filters within pH REGENERATE. pH REGENERATE delivers high pH alkaline water, and reduces -ORP while ionizing water. Adds minerals such as magnesium and iron, while improving the taste and smell of your water. pH REGENERATE  eliminates heavy metals including aluminium, arsenic and mercury, as well as removing chlorine, chloramine and limescale. pH REGENERATE includes our super-long-life powerful PH007 filter. Each PH007 filter last 12 months for most water sources, and 9 months for harder water sources with more contaminants. The system is easy to install, requiring no or basic tools. In most cases the dispenser can be installed by you, or you can have a handyman do it.

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