About our anti-radiation action
Our WaveStopper silver-lining technology has been tested and certified by the MET Laboratory, Baltimore to block over 99% of cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation. So your privates are protected.

Antibacterial action
The silver fibers in our fabric tackles bacteria at the molecular level. Silver ions enters the membrane of the bacterium, destroys the cellular structure, and prevents odor-causing bacteria from developing and multiplying.

Heat-regulation action
Stay fresh longer with our most breathable underwear. When worn against our skin, silver interacts with the body temperature to create a balanced environment.

Men exposed to cell phone radiation all day may experience:

50% Sperm Count reduction (Argawal et al., 2009)

28% increase in risk of developing gland tumor (Gomez et al. 2017)

34% Sperm viability reduction (Argawal et al., 2009)

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